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5 Basic Knife Cuts That Will Make You Look Like a Master Chef

Practice makes perfect when it comes to slicing and dicing The art of taillage, or basic vegetable cuts, is one of the first skills an aspiring chef must master at culinary school. Beyond making a dish beautiful, classic knife cuts are a practical way to ensure each vegetable is cooked evenly.

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Yes, You Should Marie Kondo Your Kitchen — Here’s How

How exactly do you make your kitchen spark joy? Many people are now familiar with Kondo’s method for folding and storing clothes — it’s been seen everywhere from “The Today Show” and Good Housekeeping to Real Simple and even “Ellen.” But the book is obviously about so much more than one’s closet. We decided to sink our teeth in and discover some of Marie Kondo’s tips for decluttering a kitchen to lead to a life that is joyfully orderly.

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Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Say no to harsh chemicals and yes to all-natural sprays and solvents. Baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and a couple other common household items are all you need to save money on store-bought cleaners and concoct your own solutions at home. Follow these tips to ensure your winter, summer, fall or spring cleaning stays natural.

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How to Marie Kondo Your Spice Drawer : What to Keep and What to Toss

The life-changing magic of seasoning right Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is helping people from all walks of life to reduce clutter and expand happiness. After the debut of her Netflix show in 2019, everyone and their mothers have been trying to keep spaces clean and eliminate excess in the hopes that it’ll improve their lives in all sorts of ways. A little organization can go a long way!

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Grocery Items That Are Worth the Splurge

These are purchases you won’t regret Trying to save money at the grocery store is always smart, and there are some savvy ways to do it. You might opt to buy generic over brand name, for instance, or become an expert at couponing. Or you might simply stop wasting cash on items that just aren’t worth buying at all. But while it’s sometimes smart to cut corners at the supermarket, other times, it’s a wise move to spend a little extra on higher-quality items. With all the ways you’re probably wasting money at the supermarket, you’ll be glad to know that these pricier grocery items are actually worth laying out a little extra cash.

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How Long Do Eggs Last in the Freezer

Good news, you can have eggs for breakfast for, well, forever

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Are Nonstick Pans Safe?

Many people don’t know every little thing about the cookware, utensils and appliances in their kitchens — and that’s OK. Sure, you can make scrambled eggs in a nonstick pan, but should you use cooking spray? A metal spatula? Is nonstick coating even safe? Here are all the answers to your kitchen questions so you can cook with confidence.

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Is a wooden or plastic cutting board better?

This is one of the best natural cleaning tips for your home.

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